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Leanne Rose – vocals

Leanne Rose has for some time been a familiar name on the Americana music scene.  She first started to make a buzz around music venues in Brighton in 2008. Then whilst travelling in Nashville, Tennessee, Leanne sang with The John England Band who were the backing group to such greats as Patsy Cline and Hank Thompson. Fired up by this experience, on her return to the UK, Leanne decided to form her own rockabilly band, The Rockéros.  With their distinctive sound - a raw mix of Country-Rockabilly, she quickly made a name for herself appearing at amongst others, the Brighton Rumble and the High Rockabilly festival in Spain.

In 2015 she decided to start a new venture – The Leanne Rose Band, playing forties and fifties-style music ranging from gospel blues to rock and roll


Harry Hornsey – guitar

Guitarist/vocalist Harry’s previous solo repertoire was blues and ragtime from the twenties and thirties, but he moved a few decades forward on joining the Leanne Rose Band.  He started performing at the age of 12, in blues jams and has since played all over the country. He’s known for his lively stage presence, furious fingerpicking and deep commitment to style.


Giovanni Greco - drums

An Italian beat-tastic, jazz drummer Gio has a passionate rhythm running though his veins. Having studied jazz music at Chichester College, he’s played with many different jazz musicians around Brighton, as well as the popular skifflebilly band Bad Bad Whiskey, a true professional.


Orlando Shearer – bass

Orlando is a well-respected experienced double-bass player on the blues scene, with a long colourful career playing with West Weston, Jerimiah Marques and the Blue Aces, Big Joe Louis and James Hunter to name but a few.  Having heard Leanne sing with the Rockéros, Orlando jumped at the chance to join her band.


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